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Why ElastaSoft?

There are numerous options out there – software developers are located all over the world in our days. How to ensure that your project will be done on time? What about the quality – will the result be reliable? All outsourcing teams claim that it’s cheaper to outsource. However, in the modern world with continuously changing environment, how to ensure that your project will not go out of the budget? Finally, you just want a partner with comfortable communications, instead of constant fight about each and every problem. With a variety of choices out there – why choose ElastaSoft as the partner for your IT endeavors? Here are just few reasons addressing all mentioned above.

Collaborative Environment

Striving to build a collaborative and open environment with our clients, we’re always open to communication and reporting to our clients as needed – the project manager personally assigned to your project will support communication in any convenient manner (phone, Skype, chat, email). All hours spent by our team members are logged into our internal business management system, and are instantly viewable, provided periodically, or can be provided on demand, which gives you great control over project budget. For better track of the project development, we can provide an access to on-line requirements and bug management system, so our clients able to quickly add requests on-line, and discuss them right there with a team member, and then track their progress instantly.


We are the team of strong professionals, all having degrees from nation-wide known colleges and universities, leaded by experts with more than decade of IT business experience. Many of our team members have professional certifications from Microsoft and IBM, confirming our competencies in relative technology areas


We have the unique expertise blend, making it possible to implement a business application of any scale – whether it is a small tool, or a complex integrated business system. We have hands on experience not only in development, but also in systems analysis and design, IT infrastructure support and maintenance, various types of software testing, and finally documenting – either technical or end-user oriented, and user training.

Proven Process

In each project, we adhere proven software development practices and processes, which are adopted depending on the project scale, timeline, and other circumstances. We work with you while discussing your project on how it’s better to get it done, so whether the choice for your project is Agile or RUP – we’re mainly oriented towards the greatest efficiency and price to quality ratio.

Long-Term Relationship

Long-term relationship is important for us. We never drop the client and disappear after the project code is delivered and money is paid. We provide warranties for what we do, and we always stay in touch to ensure that your initiatives succeed, and provide all needed support, maintenance, and consultations. Don’t get tricked by dumping prices of ephemeral teams – work with the reliable partner.

Business Analytics Skills

We enable detailed elaboration of our customers’ business ideas helping them set realistic expectations around timescales and budget.

Meet Our Team

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